Harmonious food production which nourishes people and place

Alongside running a sustainable market garden I help others realise a shared vision of food production which sits harmoniously in the environment and nourishes people and place.

I offer a full consultation to implementation service for holistic, restorative, sustainable food production systems. The design of agroforestry, edible woodlands and forest gardens as well as no-dig, organic and ecological veg production on all scales from hundreds of acres to urban gardens.

Based on many years experience in horticulture, organic farming and woodland management I have pioneered the creation of bespoke agroforestry and forest garden projects for farmers, councils and homeowners. Supporting clients to transform their space into a productive space which restores soils and increases biodiversity.

Services include tours of our restorative market garden and fledgling forest gardens, workshops on a range of sustainable food production skills and techniques and full design, business planning and implementation consultancy.

See some previous projects to explore how your space could evolve and contact me to discuss your ideas and needs now.