Purdown Planted with Edibles

In two days 60 primary school children, 40 local people and a few committed Woodland Trust staff planted the UK’s first edible woodland in Purdown Open Space. Children from Glenfrome Primary School which neighbours the park planted over 140 native saplings on Friday excited about the elderflower cordial and hawthorn ketchup they’d be making in several years time.


Planting a hawthorn, one of several trees this pair planted in under and hour!

In total over 700 trees were planted including apples, almonds, damsons, quinces, elm, wild cherry and hazel. As well as the enthusiastic pupils lots of the local people were keen to be involved in the care of the trees. The first opportunity will be to mulch them in the New Year. This will mark the first of several opportunities to be involved and learn about edible landscapes and tree care. Stay poised for more information!


Using black plastic as a mulch has pro’s and cons but works well in a large scale panting like this. Help us mulch the rest of the trees in 2016.

So a big thank you to the lovely folk who cam out to plant this amazing legacy. I look forward to eating the raspberries with you all next year and the apples the following year, the hazels and almonds in a few years and all the while drinking delicious elderberry wine!

To discuss this edible woodland design or one for your own project get in touch.


One thought on “Purdown Planted with Edibles

  1. Hello Amelia!

    We are the South Lockleaze & Purdown Neighbourhood Group, and have recently taken over the Eastville Library, which backs onto Purdown & the wonderful edible forest!

    I wonder if we could chat about the work done here, and wonder if it would be something you may like to discuss with locals during the Get Growing Trail on the 4th June? We will be working on the new community garden at the library, and some walks will be starting off from the library, across Purdown and through to Feed Bristol, and therefore thought it may be a great chance for some leaflets, discussions and/or a representative to be able to share the vision, what’s been planted & help us develop this community space even further!

    Would love to hear from you, many thanks, Emily


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