About me

Amelia smart

What is important to know about me is that I believe a world more wonderful than we can currently imagine is possible. I have been an activist of one sort or another, exploring issues of social justice and environmentalism since before I can remember. Although, like many, I am angered, saddened and hurt by the endless wrongs done to people and planet I am aware that these features of today’s world are not innate to human society.

My continuously unfurling life’s work is dedicated to being one of many offerings towards the emergence of a human society that can proudly sit amongst the rest of life on this planet. Joanna Macy calls this ‘The Great Turning’, you might call it a homecoming or a transformation or sustainable development. What ever the label this work is an adventure into uncharted territory and it operates on many levels. It operates at a personal, philosophical level, working out how to vision the world anew. It operates at a practical personal level, I will use this blog to document some of my personal journey towards being the change we need to see.

This work also operates at a professional level. I work part time engaging people with natural environments for The Woodland Trust. Human connection with the non-human world should be as natural to us as checking our emails or texts. I believe that having a personal connection with the non-human is a first step to transforming our relationship with life in general. So my work aims to support those connects, to enable people to understand the world around them in a different way, to relate to natural environments in a different way. I have achieved this with adults through workshops based on the work of Joanna Macy, global development issues, practical teaching around edible and medicinal horticulture and nature-based experiences. With children my work is always interactive, starts with where they are and launches them into a new, sensory world of understanding around environmental and sustainability issues that empower and stimulate desire to learn more.

As a freelance sustainability professional I have over 8 years professional experience in sustainability related project management, education, research and writing. I have enjoyed working for the Eden Project as a researcher and engaging the public in informal education. I have delivered Lottery funded projects which provided horticultural training and volunteering to disadvantaged groups. I have lectured A-Level and Degree level students on global development, sociological and geographical topics. And then there is my experience running bespoke nature based workshops for adults and children.

From where I’m sat we live in a complex world, with complex challenges. That is why my background is broad and my focus is diverse. I refuse to be pinned down to a specific area of interest or work. My experience of teaching and delivering sustainability education has taught me that many people instinctively recognise this complexity despite being confused by it. So I take an honest, holistic and deep look at these issues whilst aiming to inspire and empower people to act from their full potential for life on earth.

My adventure in being alive during this unique time also is strongly linked to the piece of land that I own with my partner. We are exploring ways to work and live with the land which represents a truly sustainable model not only for land management but for human societies. We aim for this small patch of the world to be an experimental plot in modes of living which nurture the human and non-human to far greater degrees than current societal structures do. Our activity is based on rewilding and permaculture principles, aiming to be fossil-fuel free, engaging people and making new discoveries. Look out for blog posts which chart our explorations on our plot.



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