Agroecology in Practice

After many years studying sustainable food production practices in the UK and having seen several designs of my own come to beautiful fruition I embarked upon my own agroecological project. Agroecology is a rallying call, an inspiration, a collecting point and a word describing forms of food production which puts whole system, ecological thinking at its … Continue reading Agroecology in Practice


Anticipating Change with Real Farming

Today was the first day of the buzzing 2016 Oxford Real Farming Conference. The excellent minds and enthusiastic landworkers, landowners, academics and professionals filled Oxford Town Hall with a contagious, delicious mist of hope for the future of food production. LEAF, Soil Association, CSA Network, Landworkers Alliance are just a few of the organisations present to galvanise … Continue reading Anticipating Change with Real Farming

Integrated Rewilding and Permaculture (Magazine)

I'm pleased to see my vision for a more sustainable and sustaining human existence based on deep participation in life outlined in Permaculture Magazine this issue. I challenge some of the ideas associated with rewilding and set out a manifesto for integrating people and planet, agriculture and conservation, civilised and wild. I advocate a holistic … Continue reading Integrated Rewilding and Permaculture (Magazine)