With the belief that a more wonderful world is possible and the vision of harmonious and sustainable agriculture that nourishes people and place I support others to transform spaces big and small.

Sustainable Design for Food Production

With a background in horticulture and sustainability I work with my clients to create agriculture, landscapes and gardens which improve soils, increase productivity and boost biodiversity.

Specialising in Agroforestry, Forest Gardens, no-dig and permaculture inspired food systems I work with the space and client needs to design spaces which integrate several elements of sustainable agriculture into existing production. All designs are bespoke but based upon the principles of utilising perennials, micro-climate creation, carbon-absorption, ecological restoration, soil improvement and productivity maximisation,

Agroforestry design is aimed to support farmers and landowners to improve their productivity, resilience and environmental guardianship through the careful introduction of trees for saleable crops, livestock, coppice and nutrient cycling. The designs maximise grazing/prior cropping capacity whilst adding further opportunities and services.

Forest Gardens are both beautiful and productive spaces, unique in their ability to produce both common and unusual food crops, cycle nutrients whilst being low maintenance and restorative. I support the full process of design, sourcing and implementation/creation of forest gardens helping clients to create a legacy of abundance and beauty.

Based on my own no-dig market garden and experience on several no-dig organic farms I support individuals and organisations to create, from scratch, a sustainable kitchen garden which helps mitigate climate change whilst being a low maintenance and highly productive food system. Support with all aspects from design to trouble shooting are available. From home plot to market garden these no-dig designs include the best in holistic techniques to maximise productivity, biodiversity and environmental improvement to create beautiful plots which produce veggies all year round

Tours, Talks, Writing and Workshops

From my site in Mid-Cornwall I offer tours and workshops to give first-hand experience of sustainable food production. I am available for talks and writing for a diverse range of audiences. Past publications include Permaculture Magazine and Cornwall Today.  Please contact me to discuss opportunities.